Neurosurgical Associates of Central Jersey
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Neurosurgical Associates of Central Jersey is an adult neurosurgical practice specializing in complex spine and brain disorders, as well as minimally invasive spinal and intracranial procedures.

Our patients benefit from the expertise and experience of our highly skilled, compassionate team of surgeons—Dr. James Chimenti and Dr. Richard Buonocore. They consistently turn to advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to treat a range of neurological conditions, including brain and pituitary tumorstrigeminal neuralgiapinched nerves, and spinal conditions, like herniated disks and spinal compression fractures.

While we are extremely conservative about invasive intervention, when we deem surgery is necessary, we employ the most high-tech procedures and tools available. We were the first practice in the area to use the Novalis stereotactic radiosurgery system for targeted tumor radiation, available at Somerset Medical Center. We also have been integrally involved in researching and developing new minimally invasive approaches and devices for optimal neurosurgical care, and currently are participating in a metastatic brain cancer clinical trial at Somerset Medical Center.

Since 1997, we’ve been serving the central New Jersey community and providing patients with personalized care that gets them up and about and back to their daily lives. Throughout treatment, Dr. Chimenti and Dr. Buonocore spend significant time explaining procedure plans and putting minds at ease—a dedication that is truly appreciated by patients and family members alike. Patients can always expect one-on-one treatment. You will never be seen by a physician’s assistant or nurse. All visits, from the initial appointment to post-surgical follow-up, are scheduled directly with our surgeons so you receive the best possible care. In addition, our small professional staff is warm and welcoming and ready to answer any questions about treatment, billing and insurance.

We’re the experts in neurological and spinal care. In fact, we’re regarded so highly in the neurosurgery field that we often care for medical colleagues and their families and friends. Let us put you on the road to recovery as well.

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